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The Commuter Toolkit
Initiatives to keep the region moving

Project Description 

The Commuter Toolkit is a series of materials that explain to the public how our local and regional transportation and planning agencies are working together to provide options that will allow many more people to make their daily commute without having to drive alone.  The Commuter Toolkit includes three elements:

The Commuter Toolkit poster - illustrates WHY it is so important that we have alternatives to cars for commuting, and HOW these alternatives are already being developed by the region's public agencies.  Eleven different initiatives now under way, ranging from Rapid Ride enhanced bus service to the new Link light rail systems are highlighted.


Whitepapers - each of the eleven initiative shown on the poster is described in more depth in a supporting white paper.  These briefs contain more technical information, and are designed to be distributed to the media, policy makers, and the general public.


Web site - this web site serves as the ongoing repository for all materials, including the white papers and the poster, and other materials related to regional transportation alternatives.  The site also includes links to all organizations involved in this project.

All materials are being provided to the media and the public free of charge, at a variety of events and through the partner agencies.

Poster Details 

The five photos on the left side of the poster show the impact of moving people through our downtown on foot, bicycles, buses, or light rail, rather than in their cars.  These images were inspired by similar photos taken in Scandinavia in the 70s; we thought people living in the Puget Sound region Seattle deserved a fresh look at this concept to help appreciate the impact that our reliance on cars has on our urban landscape.  The region's public transportation agencies agreed and jumped on board. With their collaboration we closed a major downtown Seattle street (2nd Ave between Cherry and Marion Streets) on a Sunday morning and, with the help of OnRequest Images and almost 300 enthusiastic volunteers staged these photos.

The right side of the poster shows 11 of the key initiatives or issues that are now transforming the Puget Sound region into an place where people will have easy access to many more transportation alternatives, and will be able to conveniently get to work, school and play without depending on their cars.


AVAILABLE SOON - You will be able to click on the poster image for an interactive poster page, with links to more information about the images and to white papers describing each of the highlighted initiatives in more detail. For now, if you would like to pick up your free copy of the poster please contact any of the sponsoring agencies, or go to Peter Miller Architectural and Design Books at 1930 First Avenue in downtown Seattle.