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International Sustainable Solutions
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International Sustainable Solutions
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About International Sustainable Solutions

Inspiration - Education - Implementation

International Sustainable Solutions researches and identifies global best practices in areas such as transportation, energy, waste and resource management and urban planning. We organize international study tours, create and distribute educational materials, and conduct studies that further the implementation of these sustainable practices.

For those who wish to support our projects but need to provide funding to a non-profit, we can work with a 501 (C)3 non-profit corporation to facilitate this, and are currently in the process of filing our own application for 501 (C)3 status..

If you need a copy of our W-9 form or other corporate information, they can be downloaded from here in PDF format.


Patricia Chase

International Sustainable Solutions arose from the observations of a business person with an insatiable appetite for travel.  After starting a technology company which grew to over 70 employees in 14 years, I took two years off to explore the world with my family.  During that time, we visited over 15 countries on five continents.  The ultimate impact was akin to what astronauts say they feel when looking down on earth from outer space – the earth seemed small, interrelated and in need of care and protection.

International Sustainable Solutions represents our very small contribution to a better world.  We seek out the best solutions, wherever they are found, and then make sure they are introduced to others who can make them happen.


Has Patricia Chase taken recycling too far? At the Urban Sustainability Reunion Party, she dons a party dress made out of recycled urban sustainability posters. Her hat is made from plastic bags and used Starbucks coffee filters. Behind her Kristie Maxim wears a pants and vest outfit made from recycled compost bags. (Photo by Jim Mueller)



Jayson Antonoff

Jayson Antonoff is a sustainable energy expert who has spent the past several years researching Denmark’s remarkable transformation from dependence on foreign energy sources to its current status as an energy exporter.  Denmark currently gets 25% of its electricity and heat from non-hydro renewable resources, and the government has recently committed to increasing this to 50%. This compares to less than 2% in the United States.  Sustainable energy technologies, such as wind turbines and Combined Heat and Power plants, have become Denmark’s leading export.  "I believe that the United States can learn a great deal from Denmark’s experience, from both an energy as well as an economic development perspective.  After hearing so many people claim that the European energy experiences were irrelevant to the United States, I simply had to come and find out for myself."

He began his career as a consulting engineer, designing and managing projects to develop energy management systems, SCADA systems, and control systems for hydro projects, and water and wastewater treatment plants.  He then went on to co-found Chase Bobko Inc., a software consulting firm, where he established the initial technical vision of the organization, and consulted extensively with clients on their information management needs.  He was heavily involved in modeling and analysis of both systems and processes, and is a self professed data junkie who believes in helping people access and understand the information they need to make smart business decisions.


Jayson Antonoff has spent much of his waking time researching new energy developments in Europe that can be applied in the U.S.  Here is he visiting a new 5 MW solar power plant near Leipzig, Germany, which was at the time the second largest solar PV installation in the world. 



Our Logo

Our logo was designed by Susan Jones of atelierjones, who participated in our first Urban Sustainability Study Tour.  It represents the Øresund bridge linking Denmark and Sweden, and uniting the two countries into a common community.  Knowledge is a bridge - so the bridge is a perfect metaphor for our company, whose mission is to encourage the sharing of knowledge about sustainability.