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Sharing Danish Collaboration Models with Northwest Cities at the NIS23 Summit — May 10, 2023


The Nordic Innovation Summit (NIS23) was held Seattle on May 10-11, 2023, with thought leaders from the US and five Nordic countries gathering to accelerate innovation and exchange ideas and solutions on sustainability.

On May 10, a workshop entitled, “The Power of Collaboration and the Nordic Innovation Model” was organized by I-SUSTAIN and led by BLOXHUB, the Nordic Hub for Sustainable Urbanization, to bring together public and private sector professionals to consider the future redevelopment of the Wilburton district of Bellevue. This workshop was part of a process that began with an October 2022 study tour to Denmark organized by I-SUSTAIN in which local urban development professionals were able to experience for themselves how Denmark achieves such high levels of sustainability, often with greater cost and time savings.

During the workshop, Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson presented a challenge to 35+ real estate investors/developers, architects, engineering firms, finance experts, business leaders, city and county staff and local elected officials about the future redevelopment of Wilburton. Martine Reinholdt Kildeby, Head of Strategic Partnerships at BLOXHUB facilitated the Nordic Cross Sector Model, which helps to build unique public/private and cross-governmental cooperation between all relevant parties. Sponsors for the workshop included the Scan Design Foundation and the City of Bellevue.

See list of participants Here


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