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April 15 to 20, 2024


Denmark is a world leader in addressing climate change, and has committed to  achieving climate neutrality economy-wide by 2050. The country views development of carbon-neutral biofuels and green hydrogen as a critical component for achieving this goal. Renewable natural gas (RNG), which provided only 8% of the pipeline gas consumed by Denmark in 2018, rose to 40% by 2023, and the state-owned system operator for Denmark’s natural gas infrastructure has projected that RNG could meet 100% of the country’s natural gas needs by 2034. This rapid growth is due to supportive government policies, combined with close collaboration between the government and business, academic, and non-profit partners. Production of green hydrogen and synthesized carbon neutral fuels, which are just beginning to be produced through Denmark's Power-to-X (PtX) initiative, is poised to enter a growth curve similar to that experienced for RNG over the past decade. We will be bringing a group of WA and OR State legislators, together with utilities, labor groups, and others on an educational journey to hear about these developments, and learn how our states can bridge the urban-rural divide and  reduce our carbon impacts, while bringing economic development to rural areas through the development of renewable fuels.

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