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Background Information



Sustainable Infrastructure and Prosperity in the Green Economy. Sept. 2018

City of Copenhagen

City of Kalundborg

  • Kalundborg Symbiosis 

  • Small Danish town sees the big picture with profitable emissions cuts | Sabina Zawadzki | Reuters

Samsø Island

  • Energy Academy

Inside Bjarke Ingels’ ski slope power plant

  • Why Copenhagen works

Trip Map

City of Växjö 

  • General Information 

  • Local government site

  • What can the world learn from Växjö?

  • The Modern Wooden City

  • Energy efficient wooden buildings at Limnologen

  • BoKlok Housing by IKEA and Skanska

  • The BoKlok concept

  • Welcome to IKEA Town | Steve Rose | The Guardian

  • VEAB CHP Power Plant

  • Lake Restoration

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